My new-found interest in printmaking started with my discovery of monotypes.  This style incorporated printmaking techniques but with a more painterly feel, and because of this, it has become my recent obsession.  Prints, traditionally made in editions, are now more like paintings. I make a single print and that will be the only one of its kind.  I like the blacks and grays that are achieved with these inks and then combine them with color, typically watercolors, by painting directly on top of the monotypes created.  I incorporate lots of found texture in the monotypes, as well as solvent use and gestural lines.  

I am inspired by what I hear, more so than what I see, for these works.  Whether it’s something that was heard in passing or something that I’ve read, these quotes taken out of context and I personify them by the use of textures, lines, colors, and compositions.  However, aesthetically they may stand alone, the inspirations lie with the words, which then becomes the title.  Overall, these pieces not only give me a chance to explore a new style, but allow me to portray my feelings in a gestural way towards these words. 

One example is the piece, “Rage in your cage,” a quote from an artist speaker.  This piece is many layers of navy blue and black ink, put down and scraped away.  I incorporate both small found texture, like a placemat, and larger more gestural texture, by scraping away the ink.  The final layer is white vertical stripes, a sort of cage to “hold in” this rage, or is it creating a safe spot to do so?